Pacer XT50

This adjustable skate is perfect for beginners, and it can be used in the rink or on the sidewalk.
Boots: Adjustable shell with comfort lining and buckle closures.
Chassis: Plastic adjustable plates.
Wheels: Polyurethane. Bearings: 608ZB
Sizes: Boy’s blue (P363) in small (12J-1) or medium (2-4).
Girl’s pinkish purple (P963) in small (12J-1) or medium (2-4).

Chicago 100 / 105

This skate can be used in the rink or on the sidewalk. It will help a child gain confidence skating on their own skates.
Boot: Chicago boot with padded ankle collar and Velcro strap.
Chassis: Chicago plates with adjustable trucks.
Wheels: Chicago wheels.
Bearings: Semi-precision
Sizes: White (100) or black (105) in J12-5

Chicago 1900 / 1905

This child’s skate is for those who want a more traditional look.
Boots: Chicago Tigerlon boots.
Chassis: Chicago fiberglass reinforced plates.
Wheels: Chicago 52mm urethane wheels.
Bearings: Semi-Precision
Sizes: Boy’s black (1905) sizes 10J-4 or girl’s white (1905) sizes 10J-4.


Boots: External soft boot design. Dial size adjustment, momory fit support lining, cam-lever buckle, and power strap.
Frame: Reinforced nylon.
Wheels: 70mm speed formula. Bearings: ABEC-5.
Sizes: Small (fits 10J-12J), medium (fits 13J-2), large (fits 3-5).


Boots: Three piece molded shell, hinge action cuff, washable comfort liner, and cam-lever buckle system.
Frame: Reinforced nylon.
Wheels: 64mm on sizes 2-4, 72mm on larger sizes.
Bearings: ABEC-5.
Sizes: 2-8.

Adult Skates

Vapor 7Vapor 7 (#P220)
A new speed skate from Pacer.
Boots: Deluxe padded collar. Reinforced heel stablizer. Quick Wick comfort lining. Power strap.
Chassis: XT-6000 with adjustable Mini Hugger. Urethane cushions. Note–sizes 1 to 3 will have nylon trucks, sizes 4 and above will have aluminum trucks.
Wheels: 64mm Vapor Pro Bearings: Abec-7
Sizes: Black 1-12, men’s white 1-10.
As pictured only, no substitutions.

Year after year the Carrera is our most popular quad speed skate, and it’s easy to see why. You get great components at a winning price.
Boots: Leather boots with comfort padding.
Chassis: Sure-Grip Probe plastic plates with reversed kingpins and adjustable toe stops.
Wheels: 62mm Carrera speed wheels.
Bearings: ABEC3 quality bearings.
Men’s black 1-14, men’s white 1-11, whole sizes only. As pictured, no color substitutions.

A quad speed skate from Sure-Grip. Now in black and white versions. This skate is a true knock-out.
Boots: Sure-Grip’s Boxer boots offer comfort padding and a power strap.
Chassis: Sure-Grip plate with double-action trucks and reverse kingpins. Comes with Jam Plugs.
Wheels: Sure-Grip’s 62mm Boxer speed wheels.
Bearings: ABEC-3. Sizes:
Mens black 1-13 and mens white 1-10.
As pictured only, no substitutions.

Hybrid G900Hybrid G900
A true fitness skate that’s affordable.
Boots: External soft boot design.
Frame: Aircraft aluminum frame.
Wheels: 80mm Speed Formula wheels.
Bearings: Bevo brand ABEC-9.
Sizes: 6-12.

Spartan 8.8Spartan 8.8 (I-245)
High-performance fitness skate from Roller Derby.
Boots: External soft boot design with custom memory-fit lining.
Frame: Extrude aircraft aluminum frame.
Wheels: 80mm Labeda Aires Pro wheels.
Bearings: Bevo ABEC-9
Sizes: 6-12.

RockflameRock Flame
The Rock Flame comes in several different color combos:
Black w/ tri-color flame (the original) (sz 1-13)
Black w/ silver flame (“Ghost Flame”) (sz 1-13)
Black w/ blue flame (sz 1-10)
Black w/ pink flame (sz 1-10)
White w/ pink flame (sz 1-10)
White w/ blue flame (sz 1-10)
Yellow w/ black flame (aka “The Buzz”) (sz 1-10)
Boots: Rock speed boots with padded collar, foam tongue, and cushion footbed. Plus, the flames on the side.
Chassis: Nylon Rock brand double-action plates with adjustable stops.
Wheels: 62mm Rock speed wheels.
Bearings: varies sometimes, but usually ABEC3 or ABEC5 Sizes: Based on the colors, see above.
As pictured only, no substitutions.